bmw x6 2011 black

Posted by norak on Sunday, April 3, 2011

bmw x6 2011 black
 The new bmw x6 2011 black is based very closely on the popular X6 Concept, which was being able on a car market in 2008. Now, the model X6 is redesigned model from famous model from near past – 2009 BMW model, called “Sport Activity Coupe”. Along with the crazy exterior, you can be glad of the all-new twin-turbo V8, with comes with the new model of the concept in next 2011 year.
The automakers from BMW are the first people that bring such a SUV on a market; the leadership is on their side. The other manufacturers said that they planning to put on the market, the models of their vehicle with similar coupe-like concept.
If we make a compare with the classic concept, we will see a very little changes. In fact there is no time to noticing the changes at all. The only most visible differences are the windows, which are tweak. For compare on the concept, the B- and C-pillars are not visible. But on the car, which is designed for to the next year, they clearly divide up the glass.

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