Smart Fortwo Concept

Posted by norak on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smart Fortwo Concept
The smart fortwo is not so much a small car as a short. With only eight meters from stem to stern, is by far the shortest car on the market. What is the difference between small and short? A small car can stay low to the ground to achieve excellent handling and fuel economy. A small car only excels at one thing: parking unlimited parallel. The first generation Smart proved the point. As reviewed on TTAC, it was a noisy, slow, poor handling, stiff-legged bouncy, and a car with meh mileage crashy. Thus, Daimler says it’s corrected the flaws of the first-gen is. The version 2.0 heads stateside in 2008 – ready for prime time?
The new ForTwo maintains its Tonka toy proportions and look at me I’m wearing designer sunglasses (without prescription) unconventionality. There is now a bracket painted around the driver’s compartment: a clever if unsuccessful attempt to reassure drivers that Smart has your back (as there is nothing much behind them). From certain angles, the bar marked Four Two looks like a Pokemon with weird sideburns. Anyway, there’s no denying that observers (especially women) fight the urge to muss her hair metaphorical, the ForTwo and pinch your cheeks figuratively.
cabin.jpgThe new cabin ForTwo uses shapes, textures and fonts with a little less original than before. The dash is now in monolithic form powerful Mercedes. And it’s a shame the periscopes single signature (rpms and clock) are not standard issue. On the positive side, the interior is still very airy and spacious: a paradise for a brace of urban art loving. The quality of materials and finishes Ye Olde SMART overcome by a wide margin. Better yet, the trunk of the ForTwo can now swallow a full 58 liters of luggage. Another Tumi for the road?

The stateside Smarts are motivated by one liter three-cylinder engine. The powerplant is an old beast revvy little, even at idle. Annoying vibration steady hand, the mini-mill certainly gives his all-70 horses to push the cause forward. Tachometer needle guide for 6500rpm redline and you can only accelerate (if this is the right word) from rest to 60 mph in 12 seconds. The ForTwo also relatively comfortable cruising at 70mph. That’s provided you can wait that long and overcome the stubbornness of the gearbox of FourTwo passion to kill.
SMART bus.jpgThe original was correct and roundly criticized for halting its transmission. The new gearbox also changes in sequence (on request) or automatically (when he feels like it). Gear change times are reduced. But unfortunately, the new ForTwo has changed the way you speak Frank Costanza. Driving smoothly, the gearbox swaps with no problems. But the hard acceleration will make you and your passenger look like diehard (hopefully) headbangers. Even worse, if you need a burst of glamor to the passing of emergency, the smart fortwo will pause for a moment or two before calling more stick while you contemplate a premature death and messy.
The suspension ForTwo is also improved, but not enough. For a city car that is shorter than an NBA player carrying a midget on the shoulders, the ForTwo v2 rides very well. For any other type of car, the suspension is crap. You would have to be a fan of sadomasochism light to appreciate the Smart hard not to say wagon ride quality. If potholes mar your local landscape, so a smart owner will have his chiropractor on speed dial.


A outra desvantagem de um carro duro suspensa: você pode estar enganado em acreditar que trata bem. Sim, os cantos ForTwo plana. E é verdade: a minha direcção não assistida testador era mais carnuda como um caldeirão de pimentão Texas. Mas limita o ForTwo são inferiores aos quadris cobra, ea babá manipulação ESP está sempre de plantão. Não é para colocar um ponto demasiado fino sobre ele, um motorista agressivo pode colocar o ForTwo em qualquer atitude de manipulação que eles gostam, enquanto ele é um slide de subviragem.
back-end.jpgSo o Smart é um desagradável de dirigir, pônei de um truque. E ainda existem muitas pessoas, algumas 30k americanos pioneiros na última contagem que não poderia me importar menos sobre a sua dinâmica de condução terrível. A saber: em um fininho milhas trezentos junto ao Rio Mosela, minha namorada se apaixonou com o ForTwo. Ela ficou encantada com as questões colocadas pelos belgas amigável rural, e divertido quando o motorista de um caminhão de vinte toneladas buzinou e deu-nos um polegar para cima à medida que passamos de uma sinuosa estrada de montanha (eu estava paralisado de medo).
Calculo que o smart fortwo é o equivalente automotivo dos Cone Maxwell Smart do Silêncio: uma grande idéia na teoria, um dispositivo risível na prática. Então, novamente, o ForTwo é uma declaração. E ele carrega uma semelhança notável com o Porsche 911: um conceito ridículo feito por drivable obsessivo-compulsivo engenheiros alemães. Mas, enquanto a Porsche tem quase sempre ganhou dinheiro, o Smart nunca. Julgando v2, que provavelmente nunca será



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