2012 Volkswagen Passat Concept

Posted by norak on Friday, March 18, 2011

2012 Volkswagen Passat Concept

If your first thought on the design of the Passat is “Jetta big,” you’re not alone. The last-generation Passat was not exactly a spectator, but at least he excelled in the Volkswagen lineup. The new Passat honestly and truly looks like a Jetta longer, wider, taller, and the language of nondescript design makes it look extremely memorable. Not ugly, but not light any emotion within us.

Much like the Jetta, the Passat gets a much lower price for the 2012 model year – base price is expected to start around $ 20,000 when the car goes on sale later this year, about $ 8,000 below the 2011 model it replaces. Both petrol engines and five-cylinders will be available online as well as a diesel 2.0-liter four (the same engine as the Golf and Jetta enjoy today). Interior quality is much better than the Jetta’s cabin dumbed down, although we’d still like some more refinement, especially considering how good the interior of competitors these days are $ 20K.
We just returned from checking out the 2012 Passat gallery live at the Detroit Auto Show, go to our high-res live shots below to see the new car for himself

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