2011 Saab PhoeniX Car Concept

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2011 Saab PhoeniX Car Concept
Elegant, innovative and extremely effective: PhoeniX Saab concept car displays design features and technologies that will shape the next generation of Saab cars. Based on a new architecture that will enable the next Saab 9-3 model, Phoenix presents the project ‘aeromotional “: a visual evocation of the principles of aerodynamic design and passion for innovation that inspired the creators of the first Saab car, the iconic Ursaab.
Phoenix embraces tear ‘liquid metal’ forms and a dramatic glass canopy jet of inspiration that gives new expression to “wrap” signature Saab themes.The design and translucent ice block clean, muscular form allows an exceptionally low drag co-efficient of only 0.25 and also explores the potential for managing the flow of air through the use of distinctive side-mounted ‘winglets
Butterfly opening doors give easy access to a 2 +2 cabin, which combines simplicity with technology. It has a minimalist, “cut off” feel, including a new expression of the scheme focused on Saab’s driver, and a world premiere of the Saab Infotainment IQon innovative communications system. In fact Saab tradition, there is also an amazingly versatile loading platform.

 The Phoenix sets a new benchmark for the future of Saab design of product,” says Jason Castriota, executive director of Saab Automobile Design. “He symbolizes the rebirth of the innovative spirit and passion that led Saab to build its first car. We are now taking forward visual DNA with what we call the design ‘aeromotional,” adding energy, excitement and fluidity. This will shape and design aesthetics differentiate models of Saab’s future portfolio. ” As part of its body curl, Phoenix Saab employs an innovative drive system with a rear axle with an electric motor mated to a sophisticated gasoline engine 200 hp, 1.6-liter turbo. The result is an intelligent system, the capacity all-wheel-drive hybrid that enhances driving pleasure, reducing fuel consumption. fuel economy in combined cycle and CO2 emissions are projected to be only 5.0 l/100 km and 119 g / km

The Phoenix project theme is “aeromotional ‘is inspired by Saab’s aviation roots and draws Ursaab expression, the prototype designed by engineers from the aircraft which led the first generation of Saab cars.
The full form of the Phoenix is ??apparently shaped by the wind. Heavily involved with a layer of liquid as the teardrop cabin resembles a block of ice and darkness seems to erupt from the center of the body muscles. Two waves flow along the layer highlighted in the windshield pillars disguised as if he can barely contain a powerful structure underneath.
At the rear, the black screen also bursts through the outer skin of the back deck. The tapering form of tips in the style of Ursaab back tears, while the “sawed off, echoes Kamm tail coupe form of a first Saab, the Sonett. The style, presents a low front grille stretched interpretation Saab’s signature three-door.
A wing body color is now the dominant center and, in keeping with the minimalist design of the car, LED headlights are almost invisibly located at their tips. The new grille and hood forms are among the themes style will probably be seen in future production cars, Saab.
butterfly-opening doors provide greater access to low-slung cabin. There is no visible door handles or mirrors to stop the flow of air, and small cameras on slim stems back to provide vision. Roof-mounted “winglets” to enable Phoenix to break the air as efficiently as possible. They channel the airflow from the side of the car and drove it through the rear platform, reducing the lift forces for greater stability without increasing drag

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